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Left-Hand Path Traditions

Get a university-level education on left-hand path esoteric traditions.

This course aims to be a transformative three months that aligns with the lunar cycle, from New Moon to New Moon. My meticulously crafted online course delves deep into the Left-Hand Path, exploring its rich traditions and magickal practices.

Priced at £616 (discount applies for patrons*), this course is structured to unfold over three lunar cycles. Live sessions will be held on weekends, each lasting one hour and followed by a 30-minute discussion.

There will be live lectures on most weekends, on Saturdays and Sundays at 6 pm UK time (1 pm EST), with the first session on Saturday, June 8th, 2024, and running for 16 sessions.

The end date is the 3rd of September 2024.
An assignment will be available as an option for those who want to test their understanding at the end of the course.

Recordings will be available for those who can't attend live and want to rewatch the lecture.

There will be Q&A live sessions on the content at a time negotiated with participants.

Course Breakdown:

  Foundations of the Left-Hand Path
1. Introduction to the Left-Hand Path: Uncover this alternative spiritual approach's basic principles and historical roots.
2. Vamachara Tantra, East and West: Explore the ‘Left-Hand’ Tantra practices and their significance across cultures.
3. Introduction to Aleister Crowley and Thelema: Dive into the life and teachings of Crowley and the foundational elements of Thelema.
4. Thelemic Rituals and Practices: Examine specific Thelemic rituals, focusing on their symbolism and practical applications.

  Diverse Traditions of Satanism and Setianism
5. LaVeyan and Theistic Satanism: Discuss the philosophical differences between LaVeyan Satanism and theistic approaches.
6. Luciferianism and Gnostic Satanism: Delve into the beliefs of Luciferianism and its connections with Gnostic traditions.
7. Demonology: Explore the study of demons, their classifications, historical and cultural significance, and their roles within various religious, mythological, and occult traditions.
8. Demonolatry: Examine the worship and veneration of demons, focusing on the historical context, rituals, and philosophical foundations of the practice.

   Artistic and Esoteric Currents
9. The Typhonian Tradition: Focus on this unique current within Thelemic magick, emphasizing its mythology and practices.
10. Dragon Rouge: Investigate the esoteric system and magickal practices of Dragon Rouge.
11. Neo-Tantra, BDSM, Kink and Sex Magick: Analyze contemporary adaptations of tantric practices and sacred kink in Western magick.
12. Female Deities & Figures in Left-Hand Path Traditions: Examine various Left-Hand Path groups that focus on a central female deity, highlighting their beliefs, rituals, and influence. We will also cover Rosaleen Norton's work.

   Contemporary Magickal Movements
13. Austin Osman Spare: Learn about Spare’s influence on modern magickal practices.
14. Chaos Magick: Unpack the principles and practical applications of Chaos Magick.
15. Qliphothic Magick: Engage with the darker aspects of Kabbalistic magick by exploring the Qliphoth.
16. The Cult of Cthulhu: Using Lovecraftian Lore in Magickal Practices: Examine the integration of Lovecraftian mythos into contemporary magickal contexts.

This course provides comprehensive knowledge and empowers participants by fostering an academic and unbiased understanding of the Left-Hand Path's diverse and often misunderstood aspects. Whether deepening your existing practice or new to these esoteric traditions – either as a scholar or a practitioner (or both!) - join me on this journey to get a university-level education that will transform your life.

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* Patrons who have been Magus tier for over two years, Archmage for over one year and top tiers for over three months will be eligible for a 50% discount. Message me on Patreon if you're eligible.

(Time is always 6 pm UK time, 1 pm EST)

Any changes in time/day will be notified in advance.

Sat 8th and Sun 9th
Sat 15th and Sun 16th
Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd
Sat 29th and Sun 30th


Sat 20th and Sun 21st
Sat 27th and Sun 28th

Sat 3rd
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Sat 31st

About Dr Angela Puca

Dr Angela Puca is an academic and a university lecturer who has taught at several universities worldwide and has been based at Leeds Trinity University since 2016.
She holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in philosophy. In 2021, The University of Leeds awarded her a PhD in Religious Studies on Italian Witchcraft and Shamanism, published by Brill.
Her research focuses on magic, witchcraft, Paganism, esotericism, shamanism, and related currents.
Author of several peer-reviewed publications and co-editor of the forthcoming ‘Pagan Religions in five Minutes’ for Equinox, she hopes to bridge the gap between academia and the communities of magic practitioners by delivering related scholarly content on her YouTube Channel and other social media platforms.